Welcome to Virum Moose/elk Park

Virum moosepark opened in the spring of 2008 and is run by us, Kjell and Helene Svensson.

We started the business because of our long founded interest in animals and nature. After having been farmers with cows and horses on our farm, we have now changed to moose and deer in our park and hope to show them to everyone who is interested. We want visitors to be able to experience moose and deer in their natural habitat. In beautiful surroundings, you can get close to the animals, observe their behaviour and be fascinated by their special beauty.

Our moose and fallow deer roam freely in a large 8 hectar enclosure. The enclosure contains open fields, meadows and forest. There is also a large lake in the enclosure which the moose love to bathe in. It's a delight to see them splashing around in the lake.

In a smaller enclosure we keep our Hungarian screw horned sheep. This type of sheep is rather rare in Swedish parks and is very unusual with twisted horns and beautiful long and curly fur.
Around the sheep enclosure is a nature trail, which our visitors can walk around and read about the animals of the park on several information boards. 

By taking one of our safari rides into the park, you will experience the moose up close. The jeeps you ride in are partially open at the sides giving you an opportunity to pet and feed the moose while being well protected at the same time. Bad weather is not a problem. 

To pay the entrance fee and for information about our safari rides you are welcome in to the Moose Barn. In the Moose Barn, you can also have a tea or coffee and buy moose souvenirs in an old fashioned environment before or after your safari ride.n


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