Our Moose and other park animals

There are 10 moose in the park with numbers increasing when the calves arrive. We have three bulls; Harald, Henning and Erik. The cows are called Stina, Ellen and Edit. We hope that they'll give birth to calves in the Spring. Last season's calves are called Edvin, Adam and Emil.

All our moose are very sociable and are not a bit shy in greeting visitors entering the enclosure in our safari jeeps. If you'd like to get close to the moose, we will give you twigs, branches, apples and potatoes which you can feed to the moose.

We have a fallow deer herd between 10 - 15 animals. Hinds have their calves in late June and they are adorable cute with their spotted backs.
Fallow deer are herd animals is extreme, which always holds together and is movingalong. They are shyer than the moose, but can come pretty close to the safari tour.

We also have a smaller enclosure where we keep Hungarian screw horned sheep. The three rams are called Skruven, Bulten and Baggen, and the two ewes are called Angela and Piroska. Hopefully they will soon give birth to little lambs. Hungarian screw horn sheep is an unusual type of sheep where the rams have big twisted horns pointing straight out to the sides. The ewes have horns aswell but slightly smaller. The sheep have long curly fur and are cut once a year.