Daniel Henningsson

Daniel Henningsson was born in 1984 and grew up in Frödinge, 10km outside Vimmerby. His interest for crafts began at an early age in his grandfather’s workshop and grew from there. In 2006, he started an arts, crafts and design degree at Linköping University. During the course of his degree, he got the opportunity to express himself through many different materials and techniques.

After finishing his three year degree course in 2009, he started Anderska Arts&Crafts in the old town in Linköping together with two of his classmates. At Anderska Arts&Crafts, Daniel has a workshop and a shop where his sells his crafts.

Daniel's original interest was in woodwork, but during his degree he also became interested in traditional casting in sand forms. He is now working mainly with contemporary wordwork.

There are important elements in crafts which Daniel believes should be of interest to the general public. Sustainability and authenticity, for example. These are two important elements which Daniel believes have led to an increased interest in crafts. He definitely believe that there are customers who are willing to pay for quality crafts. He hopes to contribute to the development and rejuvenation of crafts through his creations.

The Virum Moose

At the request of Virum Moose Park, I took on the task of designing the park’s logo and signature products. As a result, I created the Virum Moose, a moose carved in lime wood. Each moose is entirely hand crafted by me. The Virum Moose, with his short body, big head and over dimensioned horns, is my interpretation of how a moose would most like to be portrayed. This specially designed moose cannot be found anywhere other than Virum Moose Park.

Apart from continuing to make Virum Moose, my most recent work for Virum Moose Park is Alfred the Moose, a sitting moose in true life size carved out of two oak stumps with a chain saw.


Daniel Henningsson
Designer and craftsman